Eat What You Kill is a book about my business struggles and successes. I wrote this book to help those looking to start their own business avoid the mistakes that I made. It is a practical application book that, if implemented properly, will change the way you build your business for the better. Read it. Apply it. Succeed.


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A visionary. A wealth builder. A money expert. Donald Williams is passionate about helping individuals, small businesses owners and entrepreneurs find and build the financial foundation they need to succeed. With a Bachelors of Arts degree from Southern University of New Orleans and a Masters of Arts honors degree from Clark Atlanta University, both in accounting, Mr. Williams’ career has been fueled by an industry he loves. In 2005, he launched Williams Accounting and Consulting in New Orleans. Just one year later, he successfully opened his second location in Atlanta. To date, he has grown his clientele to more than 1,000 individuals and businesses along the U.S..

An experienced entrepreneur, Mr. Williams understands the struggles of small business owners. He has strategically structured Williams Accounting and Consulting to specifically and effectively serve this demographic, as well as the personal finance needs of individuals. As a business savvy CEO, Mr. Williams has created a firm that handles the demanding financial, accounting and tax filing preparation of his clients. Alleviating this stress allows Williams Accounting and Consulting clients to focus on growing their businesses and investing into their own personal lives.

In addition to Williams Accounting and Consulting, Mr. WIlliams also launched Suivant Consulting. Through this consulting firm, Mr. Williams helps individuals transition successfully into entrepreneurship.

Outside of the business, Mr. Williams is actively engaged in his community. He has developed on-the-job training for disadvantaged individuals seeking to enter the field of accounting. He also provides for families in need during the holiday season. Committed to uplifting his community, Mr. Wiliams opened a non-for-profit organization in 2006 called Ordinaire, with the mission to promote health, wellness and economic stability to disadvantaged individuals through education, training and empowerment.

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